WP1: Management


  • Effective day-to-day and long term work
  • Ensuring successful Project progress and Reviews
  • Coordinating the scientific work

Description of work

Managing and leading the PNOWWA project day-to-day and long term work and operations, and follows the project progress. This includes keeping close contact with the WP Leads, following progress of the technical and scientific work and taking measures if the project objectives are in danger of being delayed or compromised. Management will arrange monthly telecons and web-meetings with the WP leaders. The responsibility of arranging the annual General Assembly, Steering group and Advisory Board meetings rests with the Management. Preparation of annual reports, and the Midterm Review and Final Review are take care of by Management that is also eventually the responsible body to ensure that PNOWWA project objectives will be achieved.


Task 1.1  General management
Managing the PNOWWA project day-to-day activities and responsible for the official reporting to the Steering Group and to EU/REA.
Task 1.2  Scientific overall management and coordination
Managing and overall coordinating the project scientific work in co-operation with the WP leaders, Steering Group and Advisory Board.