PNOWWA Webinar 2017

With help of the first online demo and contact with stakeholders before and after that, we now have a vision about what we can share with a larger audience within SESAR community.

·        Introduction of some cases. What happened, what did the system forecast, why. 

·        Exceedance probabilities vs. class probabilities. Probability forecasts are not difficult to understand, but sometimes your intuition can go wrong. Short reminder about what we mean when we say “probability for 1-5 mm snow is 30%”

·        World beyond PNOWWA. The user survey revealed some needs which cannot be covered with weather-radar extrapolation based nowcasts. So we should have a short summary of other information sources (this could be a place for guest speaker).

·        Dated for 4.10.2017

PNOWWA exploitation and dissemination plan is integrated as part of the PNOWWA PMP.

PNOWWA Webinar Agenda and Presentations

  1. Synthesis of user needs for Probabilistc Nowcasting of Snow at the Airports. H. Juntti, R. Kaltenböck. WP4 and WP5
  2. Approaches of probability forecasting.  Prof. M. Laine, guest speaker
  3. Snow nowcasts with extrapolative methods. Case studies and lessons learned.  E. Saltikoff , S. Pulkkinen and M.Hagen.