WP7: SESAR2020 Interaction and Outreach


  • Keeps the Sesar community aware of results and possibilities that research will give them.
  • Get input and feedback from progress of other Sesar 2020 developments connected to the issue, specially Industrial Development solution PJ.18-04 Management and sharing of data used in trajectory (AIM, METEO)
  • Provide understandable reports and news reports for the society


Task 7.0: Coordination of WP7
The coordination task assures the timely progress of the work and organizes workshops and phone conferences to monitor and optimize the progress among the involved teams. It is responsible for the co-operation with the project management in WP1 in the form of regular progress reporting and preparation of the deliverables according to the agreed schedule.
Task 7.1 SESAR 2020 solutions  workshops
The results of that research are applicable to all precipitation dependent solutions in local (airport) scale when Mission Trajectories will be defined for flights. Many of SESAR 2020 solutions will organize workshops to clarification on how to use enhanced MET in the area of their responsibility. PNOWWA will endeavour to partake in workshops to present the potential benefits probabilistic winter weather precipitation have to offer to the Trajectory Based airport processes. Potential Industrial Research solutions to apply the research findings are for example PJ.02 Enhanced Runway Throughput, PJ.04 Total Airport Management, PJ05 Remote Tower for Multiple Airports and PJ.07 Optimised Airspace Users Operations. After each workshop, a survey is conducted to collect user feedback

FMI is highly likely to participate in the IR part of SESAR 2020. The exchange of information inside FMI and also between PNOWWA and PJ.18-04 in SESAR 2020 IR will be organised by discussions, meetings, e-mail.
Task 7.2 information to public
The knowledge about the possibilities of probabilistic forecasting are now generally known. As a part of PNOWWA it will be spread out the possibilities of that technics to different users. That could be done by websites and contributions in magazines.

PNOWWA public webpage, including a visitor counter, will share information regarding up-to-date project progress and results. It will contain a discussion forum with a named moderator, who will answer or forward questions to suitable experts.

Task 7.3 Information Scientific community
Results of this work will informed the scientific community through talks in conferences and through manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals. The conferences will be chosen especially where ATM stakeholders are present. Some examples of possible venues are:

  • The SESAR Innovation Days
  • World ATM Congress 2016 and 2017, Madrid 8.-10. March 2016 - See more at: www.worldatmcongress.org

Task 7.4 Impact analysis
Analysis of impact of utilized communication channels and SESAR 2020 workshops will be made. In this stage gender analyses is done in order to identify how gender divisions of users or participants of communication channel or workshops is affecting WP goals for raising awareness.

Weather briefing in FMI. Photo: M. Ratilainen.