Online Workshop on Tools for Impacts and Risks Induced by Severe Weather

The workshop was organized online 27 October 2020. The workshop was targeted to experts dealing with hazards caused by storms and heavy precipitation as well as IT specialists supporting and developing related services. For example, civil protection professionals, hydrometeorological flood modelers and/or forecasters, risk managers, web developers and service providers were invited to participate in the workshop.

Workshop content

The workshop was divided into two separate sessions.

Session 1: Impact and Risk Management

In this session, we discussed user needs for presenting impact and risk information in the products developed in the project. The session had three main topics:

  1. Nowcasting multi-hazards from thunderstorms
  2. Flash flood hazard forecasting
  3. Flood Rapid Risk Assessment tools

Session 2: Technical Solutions and Services

In this session, we discussed the technical requirements and user needs for implementing the developed products into end-user platforms. The session had three main discussion topics:

  1. Current platforms and data sources used for preparing for severe weather
  2. Sharing new products: e.g. suitable platforms, data format, volume of data, distribution channels
  3. Adjusting to local needs: e.g. local thresholds in computation, color codes, update frequency, interactivity in the products

The session aimed to be more technical than the first one and was especially targeted to IT specialists and active users of different data platforms, such as EFAS.

Workshop results

The workshop results have been gathered to the following report.

Download the report here.