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To access the project internal documentation, including meeting notes and presentations, please proceed to The username and password are available for project team members by request. Please send email to the Project manager if you need access.

Work Packages

Work Package 1: Project management

The main objectives of the work package are:

  • Active maintenance of the project website
  •  Successful technical and financial management
  • Close coordination with the European Commission
  • Successful organization of project meetings, workshops and dissemination

Work Package 2: Precipitation type estimation and nowcasting by integrating data from NWP model and OPERA composite

The main objectives of the work package are:

  • Identifying the type of precipitation by combining NWP forecasts and OPERA precipitation observations
  • Creating nowcasts using methods developed in earlier projects and blending precipitation nowcast with NWP for precipitation
  • Systematic monitoring of the quality of the European precipitation observations generated by the OPERA project
  • Evaluation of the generated precipitation products

Work Package 3: Improved flash flood hazard assessment

The main objectives of the work package are:

  • Improved flash flood hazard forecasts accounting for the type of precipitation and adjusted thresholds for flash flood hazard levels
  • Optimization of flash flood hazard warning thresholds based on probabilistic flash flood hazard forecasts to support decision-making
  • Design of flash flood warnings adapted to the spatial analysis domain

Work Package 4: Demonstration of combined multi-hazard nowcasting and risk assessment (MHRA) of convective storms for regional Civil Protection

The main objectives of the work package are:

  • Develop object-oriented probabilistic nowcasting methodology for estimating multiple hazards and risks of convective storms due to heavy rainfall and flooding, hail, wind gusts and lightning
  • Generation of Multi Hazard and Multi Risk Assessment (MHRA) algorithms of severe convective storms for Civil Protection
  • Definition of needs, products and preferable user interfaces among Civil Protection agencies on regional and local level
  • Demonstrate the convective storm MHRA to regional Civil Protection operators

Work Package 5: Improved flood rapid risk assessment (RRA) tools

The main objectives of the work package are:

  • Improved flood Rapid Risk Assessment (RRA) tools applicable to ensemble flood forecasting on Pan-European to local scale decision making
  • Evaluate the developed flood RRA for selected case study events

Work Package 6: Integration/demonstration of TAMIR forecasting products in Pan-European and national/regional Civil Protection platforms

The main objective of the work package is integration of developed tools and methods into existing decision-making platforms and procedures. Specifically:

  • Technical requirements and recommendations for effective integration of TAMIR tools in regional/national Civil Protection agency platforms
  • Integration of TAMIR flood forecasting products into the European Flood Awareness System (EFAS) platform as new test products
  • Demonstration of the usability of TAMIR products by regional and national Civil Protection agencies
  • Demonstration of multi-risk convective storm products by Civil Protection operators