TAMIR Consortium

Finnish Meteorological Institute

Responsible for the project coordination. In addition, FMI will lead activities related to precipitation type estimation and integrating data from NWP model and OPERA composite, and activities related to demonstrating multi-hazard nowcasting and risk assessment (MHRA) of convective storms to regional civil protection.

European Centre For Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

Responsible for leading the activities related to development of improved flood rapid risk assessment (RRA) tools, and activities related to integration and demonstration of TAMIR products in Pan-European, national and regional civil protection platforms.

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Responsible for leading the activities related to development of improved flash flood hazard forecasting tools and flood warning threshold optimization. UPC-CRAHI will also host the end-user workshop in the project.

Kymenlaakso Rescue Department (KymPe)

The role of the Kymenlaakso Rescue Department (KymPe) is to provide civil protection end-user insight fora product development, and participate in testing and evaluation of the products developed in TAMIR.


Building on the highly successful cooperation in the HAREN, EDHIT, ERICHA, and SMUFF projects, the implementing partnership consists of 3 institutions integrating the applicants’ contributions: FMI, UPC, and ECMWF. They will be responsible for the development of the products of TAMIR. KymPe will evaluate the TAMIR products with support of FMI and UPC with regard to the hydrometeorological interpretation of the meteorological situations and the technical aspects of the hazard and risk assessment products. In addition, six stakeholders from three countries, including Civil Protection operators in Finland and Catalonia as well as a national environmental authority, will provide data and their civil protection expertise to the project.



Partner area info

To access the project internal documentation, including meeting notes and presentations, please proceed to agora.fmi.fi/display/TAMIR. The username and password are available for project team members by request. Please send email to the Project manager if you need access.