WP4: User-specific products and services

WP4 develops models for user-tailored environmental services based on the data, products and tools generated and developed in WP1 and WP2, and market and generic business model studies obtained from WP3. The services will support decision making processes in all levels of societal organizations, and provides new business opportunities for local commercial organizations.

To allow for the localized services, and to account for the local requirements and conditions, the observational data, their diagnostics provided by WP2 shall be superposed on a geographic grid, where each grid cell can have its own trigger criteria for, e.g., warnings. The criteria are set by the customers and/or by the local system operator and take into account that precipitation or air quality problems at different areas present different impacts or risks. The grids are, in principle, service specific, as they may have different requirements for spatial resolution. Configuration of the system and the information received will be possible to view both with mobile phone applications and by web browser-based interfaces. This approach allows for easy adaptation of the system to different geographical areas and for different services.

The core service is the provider of all diagnostics and model data on which higher-level services and products, such as mobile alerts, are based on. This service management model interfaces the high-level services with the data, defines the baseline data grid, and assures the data availability. Thus, it also requires operational support and customer service for higher-level products and services. In actual products it might also host the diagnostics and model softwares, which need to run somewhere. The developed service models and the higher-level products and services will be demonstrated within the CityzerDemo pilot.

A selected set of mobile-based product and service demonstrators will be designed and implemented, covering the potential customer base from public sector to individual citizens, and types of products and services from warnings to personalized applications. The developed demonstrators act as examples of products and services that could be built on the data provided by the service management model, and made business with in different market areas and different customer bases.

Weather prediction for the Northern Europe. Figure: FMI.