Cityzer Explained

Cityzer aims at developing an integrated, digital ecosystem for providing localized weather-related services to a wide range of customers ranging from governmental organizations to individual citizens. Within the Cityzer project, the pilot services will be linked to the measurements and forecasts of precipitation and air quality, but the ecosystem can also accommodate other types of data.

The ecosystem will be developed simultaneously at two fronts: on the one hand, the measurement, forecasting and service infrastructures will be designed and constructed; on the other hand, the business models and market potentials will be assessed. Central to both fronts is the understanding that the ecosystem should be modular and scalable, and easily portable to different locales, conditions and supporting infrastructures.

Cityzer Ecosystem

The CITYZER ecosystem is prepared to accommodate all needed detector networks, make the collected data available through the servers and provide a platform for applications utilizing all environment monitoring information. Implementation of this breakthrough requires close collaboration between meteorological, air quality, system impact and ICT communities.


CityzerDEMO is a pilot demonstrating the Cityzer ecosystem in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. CityzerDEMO is currently being planned and implemented, and is expected to be opened for public in late 2017 or early 2018.