Work Plan

To achieve the project objectives, the following requirements needed to be met.

  • First, specific observations and measurements need to be carried out or made available.
  • Second, analysis, diagnostics and forecast tools need to be prepared to make useful short-term predictions of future conditions, with access to the aforementioned data.
  • Third, as different geographical areas, climate zones and different customers will have different conditions and specifications for the type of services they need, those need to be mapped. For the commercial interests, the business models need to be developed, including mapping of the business potential in different markets.
  • Finally, the products and services need to be developed and integrated into CITYZER ecosystem.  

The project work wa divided into five distinct work packages. WP1 and WP2 formed the technical basis for the project, establishing the observational and forecasting systems on which the services (WP4) were based on. WP3 focused on the international aspects, in particular in customer profiling, market analyses and business models suitable for them. WP5 consisted of the project management and concept coordination.

This three year project was scheduled such that, overall, the first two years focused on implementing the technical basis as well as customer and market analyses. Throughout the course of the project a CityzerDemo environment was developed in the Helsinki metropolitan area, demonstrating the observational and modeling system and services built on them. In addition, the services and business models were evaluated.

Flooding after heavy rain. Servicemen are opening the sewers. Photo: Emilia Mänttäri.