WP5: CITYZER Concept Integration and Coordination

This Work Package (WP5) coordinates and manages the CITYZER project work and, in particular, guarantees the successful integration of the CITYZER concept. Such coordinated effort is required to forge together the development work of eight or more partners. To avoid potential conflicts of interest, it is deemed best that WP5 will be in the hands of a research institute. FMI has the necessary wide range of skills,  worldwide cooperation and contacts, and will be in charge of WP5. Industrial advisors will be Vaisala ltd and Pegasor Ltd with their existing business contacts and relations abroad.

The CITYZER concept is based on the utilization of the latest environmental information and scientific knowledge to demonstrate the viability of new services and products for decision-making support and their commercial business models.  The services will be demonstrated in the Helsinki area by the CityzerDemo testbed. Their potential for export will be assessed for selected markets with the assistance of local business schools and environmental organizations.

Central to the development of CITYZER services and products are the new observational products based on latest scientific research. To achieve the CITYZER objectives, a high level of expertise is required in all relevant scientific disciplines and skills, including weather and air quality observations and modeling, gateway sensor networks, data fusion, user profiling, business modeling, product and service piloting, and international collaboration. To this end, the eight CITYZER partners have complementary areas of expertise and distinct project roles. Consequently, the design, implementation and coordination of the CITYZER concept require considerable efforts.

The development efforts performed by the Work Packages 1-4 are the technical and scientific basis for the CITYZER ecosystem. WP5 will be responsible for the overall project coordination; the overall coordination of the CityzerDemo specification, integration and verification activities; and overall integrational functions, as well as data dissemination and public outreach.

A thunderstorm is approaching Helsinki city center. CityzerDemo will be implemented in the area at the final stage of the project. Photo: Eija Vallinheimo.