(FMI, Wigner RCP)

The WP Coordination Team was by FMI, supported by the deputy coordinator from Wigner-RCP, who were members of the Impact and Innovation Sub-Board. They were advised by a broader Core Team, made up of the Leaders of Tasks 2-5. The Coordinator was in charge of the overall NA activities, coordinating the Task Leaders, be responsible for dissemination, and managed the WP webpage.

A sub-set of the Core Team, the WP-Board (WPB) supervised the WP activity and evaluated the annual action plans of the Tasks. The coordinators of other EPN2020 WPs and Task Leaders were be invited to the WPB as appropriate. The WPB was responsible for links between the WPs across EPN2020. The WPB reviewed the topics proposed for the science meetings and summer schools, and decided which to support. It reviewed and awarded grants to support exchange visits. A key task was to develop evaluation techniques for the various activities. The primary evaluation indicators were the number of activities and the number of persons involved.

The Core Team prepared reports for the Coordination Team / EPN2020 Project Management Committee. The Core Team dealed with the strategic aspects of knowledge management and Open Access issues by providing self-archiving means (green OA). Outreach activities were organized through and coordinated with NA2 (WP13) Impact through Outreach and Engagement. New communication technologies (e.g. Webex, go-to-meeting) were complement conventional face-to-face meetings, reducing costs while broadening the number of people reached. The Task Leaders had responsibility for organizing the workshops in the strategic areas outlined below. The Coordination was advised by the Project Advisory Board.