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NA1 Meetings and Workshops

Upcoming Meetings and Workshops

5.-8.2.2018: "ISSI workshop 1: Role of Sample Return Missions in the Exploration of the Inner Solar System", ISSI, Bern, Switzerland

26.-30.3.2018: "Kuiper belt objects", Coimbra, Portugal

10.-11.5.2018: "New Views of Jupiter: Pro-Am Collaborations during and beyond the NASA Juno Mission", Royal Astronomical Society, London, UK

11.-15.6.2018: Europlanet 2018 workshop "Planetary Atmospheric Erosion", Murighiol, Romania, [website

24.6.-1.7.2018: "Geology and geophysics of the solar system bodies", Valjevo, Serbia

13.-18.8.2018: "Microsatellites in planetary and atmospheric research", Tarto, Estonia

Past Meetings

28.11.-1.12.2017: "Space weather and radiation design", ESWW, Oostende, Belgium

27.-29.11.2017: "Sharing Planetary modelling run results in VESPA", Brussels, Belgium,

19-22.10.2017: "Tools and Services for Planetary Observations and Image Analysis by Amateurs", IRAP and Pic du Midi, France

9.-10.10.2017 "Sun's influence on planets", IRAP, Toulouse, France [Report, PDF]

25-30.9.2017: "Geosciences for understanding habitability in the solar system", Azores, Portugal

17-22 September 2017: EPSC 2017, Riga, Latvia

17-22 September 2017: "Towards a Moon Village: Technology foresight workshop", EPSC 2017, Riga, Latvia. For more information contact Bernard Foing (, Manuel Grande (m.grande(at)

17-22 September, 2017: Amateur collaborations in small bodies, terrestrial, giant and exo planets professional studies, Amateur Astronomy Session, EPSC 2017, Riga, Latvia, [website

17-22 September, 2017: Juno Ground-Based Support from Amateurs, Amateur Astronomy Session, EPSC 2017, Riga, Latvia, [website]

8-10 August 2017: "Early history of planetary systems and habitable planets", Tartu, Estonia

24-26 July 2017: "5th CHEOPS science workshop", Seggau, Austria [Report, PDF]

18-28 July 2017: Europlanet Summer School 2017 "Space Missions: Ground-based Observations and Science Communication", Moletai, Lithuania [website]

18-27 July 2017: "Alpbach Summer School: Dust in the Solar system", Alpbach, Austria [website]

9-12 June, 2017: Pic du Midi T1M planets observation campaigns workshop: An international amateur workshop supported by Europlanet 2020-RI, Pic du Midi, France [website

19-23 June 2017: "Comets Formation", Sofia, Bulgaria [Report, PDF]

19-21 April 2017: "Planetary Mapping through Virtual Observatory", Roscoff,  France [website] [report]

26-30 March 2017: "Exomars Atmospheric Science and Missions Workshop", Saariselkä, Finland [website]

20-24 March 2017: "Dynamics of planetary systems (Alexander von Humboldt Symposium)", Salzburg, Austria

14-18 November 2016: Workshop on "Space weather and radiation design", in conjunction with PSWS, Antwerpen, Belgium. For more information contact Manuel Grande (m.grande(at)  

25-27 October 2016: 8th International Workshop on Planetary, Solar and Heliospheric Radio Emissions, Seggau, Austria [website]

24-27 October 2016: the annual US technology foresight meeting IWIPM-3, coincide with the EPSC-DPS joint meeting in Pasadena, USA. For more information contact Manuel Grande (m.grande(at)

21-23 September 2016: ASIME Asteroid mining addressed the scientific inputs needed to enable this technology, Luxemburg. For more information contacts Amara Graps, Manuel Grande (graps(at)psi.edum.grande(at)

13-15 September 2016: ISSI-Europlanet 2020 forum "Future outstanding questions for solar system planetary science, and associated key representative space missions", ISSI, Bern, CH. For more information contacts Michel Blanc, Manuel Grande (michel.blanc(at)irap.omp.eum.grande(at)

31 August - 1 September 2016: EPN2020 NA1 Progress Meeting, Helsinki, Finland

02-12 August 2016: Summer School “Europlanet & European Astrobiology Campus Summer School 2016 on Exoplanets”, Molètai Astronomical Observatory, Molètai, Lithuania [website]

20-22 June 2016: Workshop on Rosetta Ground-based Observation Campaign, Seggau, Austria [website]

7-9 June 2016: Workshop on Mars 3D visualization, MSSL, Surrey, UK

12-13 May 2016: Juno Ground-Based Support from Amateurs: Science and Public Impact, Observatoire de la Cote de Azur in Nice, France. [website]

24.-25.11.2015: Kick-off meeting, Göttingen, Germany 

27.9.-2.10.2015: EPSC 2015: WPB+ Meeting, La Cité des Congrès, Nantes, France 

  • Planning for Kick-Off meeting (Nov/Dec)
  • Preliminary plans for task activities