Knowledge Consolidation and Strategic Planning

(ISSI, Wigner RCP)

While Task 2 brought together scientist to enhance their current work, periodic efforts were required to consolidate knowledge into a state of play. So planetary science workshops were organized at the International Space Science Institute three times during the project on scientific theme proposed by the WP teams and accepted by ISSI, such that they produce a synergy with Tasks 2, 4 and 5. Each workshop  produced a peer-reviewed scientific book on the selected scientific topic. These activities were opened to scientists from all nationalities. Biennial meetings/brainstorming sessions on strategic planning issues were organized at ISSI based on existing best practice. During Europlanet RI FP7 three such workshops at the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) were organised, resulting in three mulit-authored books. Since its online publication on February 09, 2012, the EUROPLANET/ISSI book The Plasma Environment of Venus, Mars and Titan has had 602 chapter downloads on SpringerLink. The second book came out in 2013 and the third book is in print. Task 3 delivered:

  • three workshops and books and two strategic forums
  • meet the overall objectives of ISSI on one hand, and of Europlanet/WP 12 on the other hand.
  • ISSI workshop and forum selection

    • Definition of guidelines and criteria for the preparation and submission of workshop and forum proposals
    • Scientific working groups of TASK 2 propose science topics for workshops
    • Selection by WP 12 core team
    • the selected proposals are presented to the ISSI Science Committee which proposes one proposal for implementation to the ISSI Directors
    • Implementation of workshops or forum by ISSI scientist involved in EPN 2020