How to Join the MetNet Science Team?

At present, access to the MetNet mission planning information and later to the collected data are reserved for members of the MetNet Core Team and the MetNet Science Team.

By submitting the proposal the applicant agrees with the following rules also listed in the membership certificate:

  • The MetNet Science Team member is expected to have financial support from her/his home angency, organization or other sources. The MetNet team policies preclude the exchange of funds between the team member organizations except where explicitly stated in a separate contract.
  • The MetNet Science Team member agrees to participate in the activities of the Science Team at least in those areas stated in the submitted proposal.
  • The MetNet Science Team member agrees to have her/his contact information published for access on the team-internal web-pages along with the core activities mentioned in the submitted proposal.
  • The MetNet Science Team will focus its activities initially on the definition of the scientific objectives of the mission, the optimization of the operational scenario including telemetry budget and proposals for the landing site selection. The independent expertise of the MetNet Science Team will also play a critical role in reducing mission risks and ensuring that critical design and functionality issues are addressed.
  • The MetNet Science Team will conduct scientific research and share the results of their research with the other team members, and the broader user community.
  • After a successful landing of the first unit, the MetNet Science Team is responsible for the coordination of the data analysis activities including modeling and publishing of the results.

Each member of the MetNet Science Team is free to withdraw from her/his membership status by a written statement addressed to the leader of the MetNet Science Team. If a team member does not respond to any contacts from the team organization inside 6 months, her/his membership might be cancelled by a written statement signed by the Science Team lead.

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