Mars MetNet Mission Team

Mission Key Persons:

Mission lead organization is Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI). Systems lead is Lavochkin Association (LA). The payload lead is shared with the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) and Russian Space Research Institute (IKI). (INTA) provides part of the payload.

  • Mission Lead: Dr. Ari-Matti Harri, FMI
  • Spacecraft Lead: Prof. Konstantin Pichkhadze, LA
  • Payload Lead: Dr. Walter Schmidt, FMI
  • Payload Co-Lead: Dr. Ignacio Arruego, INTA
  • Mission Advisor: Prof. Mikhail Uspensky, FMI

Important MetNet Persons:

  • Science Team Lead: Dr. Walter Schmidt, FMI
  • Science Lead of IKI Team: Dr. Vyacheslav Linkin, IKI
  • Science Lead of INTA team: Dr. Luis Vazquez, UCM
  • Payload Manager: Maria Genzer, FMI
  • MetNet / Spacecraft Interface Designer: Dr. Sergei Alexashkin, LA

Other partners:

Other partners are welcomed to join to the MetNet Mars Mission.

The Share of Responsibilities

The main components of the the ongoing MetNet Mars Mission project are:

  • The Entry, Descent and Landing System (EDLS)
  • The landing vehicle
  • System and Science Payload

Responsibilities of FMI are:

  • Overall project control
  • Definition and development of the payload and science objectives, and coordination of international scientific collaboration

Responsibilities of Lavochkin Association are to:

  • Refine the new technology needed for the EDLS
  • Perform extensive analyses of the concept candidates
  • Select the best concept and manufacture a full-scale prototype
  • Prove the feasibility for mars missions by qualification tests