SMUFF Consortium

Finnish Meteorological Institute

Responsible for the project coordination. In addition, FMI will lead activities related to the pan-European precipitation composite, nowcasting convective rainfall, prediction of urban flood hazards and dissemination of the results.

European Centre For Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

Responsible for leading the activities related to development of downscaled NWP forecasts and seamless blending of precipitation forecasts. Will ensure the potential for successful integration of the SMUFF outcomes into EFAS. Has also agreed to host one project meeting and the training activity

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Responsible for integrating the products into the SMUFF platform and implementing them to EFAS. Will also lead activities related to pan-European precipitation nowcasting and transforming the nowcasts into flash flood hazard predictions.

South Savo Rescue Department (ESPL)

The role of the South Savonia Rescue Service (ESPL) is to participate in testing and evaluation of the products developed in SMUFF.


Building on the highly successful cooperation in the EDHIT and ERICHA projects, the implementing partnership consists of 3 institutions integrating the applicants’ contributions: FMI, UPC, and ECMWF. They will be responsible for the development of the products of SMUFF (pan-European precipitation composite, seamless blending of precipitation forecasts, including convective rainfall and improved flash flood hazard assessment).

The following responsibilities will be assigned to the applicants based on their core expertise areas. FMI will be responsible for the implementation of nowcasting products for convective storms and demonstration of the urban flood hazard prediction. ECMWF will provide the specifications needed for the implementation of the new operational layers of very-short-term flood hazard assessment in EFAS. UPC will provide their expertise in flood hazard prediction and adapt the SMUFF modules to be integrated in the EFAS computational centre according to the given specifications. ESPL will evaluate the SMUFF products with support of FMI and UPC with regard to the hydrometeorological interpretation of the meteorological situations and the technical aspects of the hazard assessment products.

Five institutions will be participating as stakeholders: EUMETNET/OPERA, EUMETSAT, Vaisala, DGPC and DRS. EUMETNET/OPERA provides the pan-European radar mosaics, EUMETSAT the CRR satellite data, and Vaisala the GLD 360 lightning-location data, while DGPC and DRS provide their civil protection expertise. Also, DGPC will contribute to activities in several WPs by their own cost. Therefore, DGPC is denoted inside parenthesis in the distribution of activities.