Work Packages

Work package 0: Management

Work package 0 is intended for all activities related to the general management and coordination of the action (meetings, coordination, project monitoring and evaluation, financial management) and all the activities which are cross cutting and therefore difficult to assign just to one specific work package. In such case, instead of splitting them across many work packages please enter and describe them in Work package 0. For this reason it has a different layout where you do not have to enter objectives and duration. Nevertheless this work package will have its own deliverables (e.g. final report, work plan, evaluation report) and outputs (e.g. meetings).

Work package 1: Towards operational real-time, quality-controlled, multi-source, pan-European precipitation composites

The goal of this WP is to guarantee the generation of improved pan-European precipitation composites by combining¨radar, satellite and lightning-location products for precipitation estimation implemented in this task.

Work package 2: Implementing probabilistic rainfall forecasts for lead times 15 min – 5 days

The objective of this work package is to develop a set of radar- and NWP-based precipitation forecasting methods for now- to short time range (15 minutes-5 days). The emphasis is on probabilistic methods and forecasting convective storms associated with heavy rain and flooding.

Work package 3: Transformation of ensemble rainfall forecasts into flash flood hazard and risk predictions, including uncertainty

The objective of this work package is to adapt the algorithms for hazard assessment and forecasting to the use of the probabilistic precipitation forecasts developed in WP2. In this way, the hazard forecasts generated in this WP will be probabilistic, accounting for the uncertainty in the forecasted precipitation inputs.

Work package 4: Integration of the SMUFF products in the SMUFF and EFAS platforms

The main objectives of this work package are:

  1. Integrating the algorithms developed in WPs 1 – 3 to a real-time web-based platform, and
  2. Transferring the hazard forecasting algorithms developed in activity 3.1 as a layer in the European Flood Awareness System (EFAS).

Work package 5: Demonstration and validation of the SMUFF products among Civil Protection Agencies

The objective of this work package is to evaluate the SMUFF products and consider how these can be incorporated into civil protection procedures. This will be done in cooperation with civil protection agencies.

Work package 6: Publicity

This work package is for managing the dissemination and publicity of the results of the project.