Special call for Journalists/Science Communicators

Extended application submission deadline: 31st of August, 2017

Period of the Exchange Visit: 15th of August 2017  - 15th of February 2018

Objectives of the Exchange Program

The main objective of this Exchange Program is to support the activities of EPN2020. The programme will provide funding for short visits (up to one week) with the goal of improving infrastructure facilities and services offered to the scientific community by the EPN2020 participant (contractor) laboratories or institutes. Main objectives include:

  • Support the integration of the inclusiveness states with the European planetary community;
  • Support and engage young scientists with the European planetary science community;
  • Support exchange and foster cooperation between academia and industry (SMEs);
  • Support the inclusion of amateur communities in European planetary science campaigns;
  • Support the activities of EPN2020 with exchange of expert

Objectives of this special call

The main objective of this Exchange Program is to promote links between journalists/science communicators and members of the planetary science community. The programme will provide funding for journalists, science communicators or lecturers in journalism to spend a few days (maximum one week) in a Europlanet 2020 RI laboratory or institute to find out more about planetary science, how science is carried out and the life of scientists, and to help scientists understand how the media works. Priority will be given to applicants from Inclusiveness Countries. Main objectives include:

  • Support better understanding between journalists and planetary scientists of each other’s working practices;
  • Support the integration of the inclusiveness states with the European planetary community;
  • Support young scientists in engaging with the media;
  • Support exchange and foster cooperation between academia and the media;
  • Support the teaching of planetary science within journalism courses;
  • Support the communication of the activities of EPN2020.

Who is eligible ?

A person working in journalism, science communication or teaching journalism/science communication who wishes to visit a EPN2020 participating institute/lab.

Specificities for this call

No late applications will be accepted! Extended deadline for this call is 31st of August, 2017

  • All visits shall be done before end of 15th of February 2018
  • Grants will be provided for short visits up to maximum one week. If longer visits are planned, the hosting OR visiting institute/laboratory/company should support the additional expenses. 
  • Total budget allocated for this call: 7 000 euros
  • This budget allows about 8 to 12 week visits, calculated with a mean value for refundable travel expenses.

The laboratories open for visits, the descriptions of the possible visit contents, and contact details are here:

Decision process

Four criteria will be taken into account for the projects selection:

  • justification of the activities to be carried out during the visit to the EPN2020 infrastructure laboratory or institute.
  • expected outcome of the proposal related to the objectives of this Special Call of Exchange Program.
  • expected outcome of the proposal related to communicating the activities of EPN2020.
  • good fit between the required visit length and the proposed task.

The selection will be done by a committee composed of NA1/WP12 and work package board (WPB) consisting of NA1 lead and Deputies, and the NA2 Science Communication best practice group.

Consideration will be given to:

  • applications from Inclusiveness* countries
  • the need of a good balance between science communication/journalism/journalism teaching and EPN2020 participants
  • the allocated total budget for this period

Accepted proposals will be posted on the EPN2020 NA1 website.

How to proceed?


The application by the visiting person, including the budget proposal and an invitation letter from the host institute, shall be completed by using the generic Application Form (in DOCX format) found in the EPN2020 NA1 exchange program page. The attachment file, invitation letter, shall be named "NA1-Name-SpecialCall-Letter.pdf" for example "NA1-Doe-SpecialCall-Letter.pdf".

After filling out the form, save it as PDF and send to maria.genzer(at)fmi.fi. 

Eligible costs are:

  • Travel tickets (plane: economic class, train, etc.). NOTE! VATs will NOT be refunded.
  • Accommodation. NOTE! VATs will NOT be refunded
  • Per diem (covering meals, local travel etc.)

Note! The VATs shall be indicated in the refundable receipts.

Please note that minimizing the costs will increase the probability of being accepted. 

Any question concerning this programme can be asked from Maria Genzer (maria.genzer(at)fmi.fi), who is in charge of this EPN2020 NA1 exchange programme and any administrative question can be asked from Kirsi Virolainen (kirsi.virolainen(at)fmi.fi). 

All applicants will receive a confirmation email confirming receipt of correct application. After the call deadline, all applicants will receive an email from the selection committee.

How to be refunded if selected?


A short, maximum two pages, Expert Exchange report (DOCX) will be asked from the recipients after the visit, using the form that can be completed in Exchange Program website. This report will be attached also to the Reimbursement form.

The submission of the report is a prerequisite for reimbursement.

Refunding procedure

Refunding will be processed after receiving the visit report and both filled refunding forms (Information Form [DOCX] and Reimbursement Form [DOCX]) including receipts. They should be sent