Past Calls

Call 4

Application submission deadline: 14th of June, 2017
Period of the Exchange Visit: 1st of June 2017  - 30th of November 2017

Call 4 Selected Applications

  • Alena Zdravkovic, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Serbia. "Meteorite thin-section preparation and Virtual Microscope images acquisition"
  • Maria Hieta, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland. "Comparative humidity measurements in low-pressure carbon dioxide"
  • Jingnan Guo, University of Kiel, Germany. "Implementation of the Martian part of the Europlannet Planetary Space Weather Service VI"

Special Call for Grants for participation in IPPW-14 workshop

Application submission deadline: 31st of March, 2017
Time and Venue of the workshop: June 12-16, 2017 / The Hague, The Netherlands

IPPW-14 Special Call Selected Applications

  • David Gaudin, IRAP, France
  • Timo Nikkanen, FMI, Finland
  • Fabrizio Dirri, IAPS-INAF, Italy
  • Pauli Laine, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Isil Sakraker, DLR, Germany 
  • George Vekinis, Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Greece
  • Amalia Marinou, Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Greece

Call 3

Application submission deadline: 30th of September, 2016
Period of the Exchange Visit: 1st of October 2016  - 28th of February 2017

Call 3 Selected Applications

  • Melinda Dosa, Wigner Research Center for Physics, Hungary. "Solar wind propagation and effect on planetary atmospheres"

Call 2

Extended application submission deadline: 31st of May, 2016
Period of the Exchange Visit: 1st of June 2016  - 30th of September 2016

Call 2 Selected Applications

  • Pasquon Kelly, GEOPS University of Paris-Sud, France. "Installation of reservoirs for liquid flows on the Mars Chamber"
  • Ferus Martin, UFCH JH AV CR, CZECH republic. "Chemistry and Physics of Shock Impact Events"
  • Civis Svatopluk, UFCH JH AV CR, CZECH republic. "Spectroscopic Investigation of Shock Radical Chemistry"
  • Nikkanen Timo, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland. "Utilizing European research infrastructure for advancing planetary atmospheric instruments"

Call 1

Application submission deadline: 29th of February, 2016
Period of the Exchange Visit: 1st of March 2016  - 31st of July 2016

Call 1 Selected Applications

  • Vaz David Alegre, CITEUC, Portugal. "Morphology and mineralogy of Martian dunes: towards an integrated data model"
  • Conway Susan, CNRS, France. "Publications and Collaboration on experimental flows on Mars"