ASIME 2016 News

Questions from the Asteroid Miners

Dear Asteroid Scientists,

The following Google Docs form:

are the questions from three private asteroid mining companies on which we would like to capture the scientists attention during this ASIME 2016 meeting.

We aim to have a public White Paper, like those produced for American NRC Decadal Survey, as an outcome by the end of October 2016. It will be available at the Europlanet web site( , the Luxembourg Space Resource ( web site and other public places you can recommend to me.

We ask the ASIME 2016 asteroid scientists to look at the questions and address the questions as best they can during the ASIME meeting or soon after. You can reference them in your talk. Even simple pointers to reference articles would be helpful.

We also want to open up the opportunity to other asteroid scientists not at the meeting. Consider this effort as a kind of crowdsourcing professional science to support the work in the many-years road towards asteroid mining. This will be the first reference document for the asteroid mining community produced by scientists.

Your name will be properly attributed; there will be an appropriately long author list.

The permissions are set on the document to make comments. If you want to jump in and edit the actual document, tell me (, and I'll invite you to edit the document itself.

Amara Graps 6 September 2016